About the Author

Marlin Harris served as a foreign missionary in Bangladesh, Costa Rica, and Paraguay, where God generated challenging opportunities for spiritual growth, provided powerful evidences of His great grace in action, and created a driving desire to acquire the heart, soul, and mind that God seeks for His servants to be purposeful instruments in His kingdom.  His career spans twenty years in healthcare administration at various stateside and foreign institutions, and eleven as an educator in Spanish.  He sees careers as merely vehicles that God uses to thrust His servants into unique situations and the lives of others to make a mighty difference for His kingdom on earth.

Marlin resides at Pine Hearth, the family farm in central Alabama, with his wife, Jean, and daughter, DeLena. Marlin is also the proud father to Katelyn, who attends Mercer University in Macon, Georgia, and son, Marlin (IV) and daughter-in-law, Caroline, who also live in Macon and serve in the pastoral ministry and medical field.

Marlin’s fervent desire is that this book will serve as a God-given gauntlet to challenge and convict many of this generation to take up the quest for the Beatitudes and let its life-changing power reap great rewards for God’s kingdom and countless lives for Christ.




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