About the Book

560653_350880081673730_1846885590_nThe Beatitudes occupy an expansive realm in God’s Promised Land, a bountiful spiritual frontier suspended between heaven and earth. Plunge into God’s plentiful grace and goodness to explore this marvelous kingdom in his sequenced and purposeful order. The Beatitudes are a supremely challenging journey, requiring significant sacrifice of earthly nature and great emptying of self. The grand reward is total saturation in God’s spirit and living life as Jesus did upon this earth.
Experience the Beatitudes in all their richness to comprehend even more completely that celestial world’s way of life!
Enter through the Door of Christ and encounter your spiritual poverty alongside God’s great richness! Climb the Mirrored Mountains of Meekness. Descend into the Purging Valley for the Pure in Heart. Allow each incredible Beatitude to lead you forward toward the unique and purposeful life God has planned for you—first on earth and forever in heaven! Discover an ever deeper relationship with God and your fellowman—which will never end, neither here nor there!
Accompany Wesley Baker’s amazing spiritual journey in The Epilogue: The Powerful Pilgrimage of a Suffering Saint, as he finds himself transformed by each Beatitude, allowing them to remake his life in Christ!


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