We Are Spiders for Christ!


Our local newspaper headline recently read “A bumper crop year for spiders!” That has certainly been the case in our “neck of the woods” due to the persistent rain and moisture. This year they have been abnormally large, numerous and “hanging around” everywhere.

Spider web1  While walking outside this year one easily becomes draped in spider webs or, even worse, suddenly in a staring contest with an immense arachnoid dangling just inches from your face. Due to repeated instances of this nature spiders have captured my attention much more than usual this summer and fall. A pervading wariness has possessed me of their presence and the need to maneuver carefully around their countless web kingdoms extending across every nook and cranny.  Meanwhile numerous spider invoked shrieks have emanated from my daughter, her friends, and hay workers when abruptly encased Spider 2in a “spider encounter”—screams building to an early prequel to Halloween over these past few months.

But in spite of the negatives we must remember that God’s creation is wonderfully made and spiders are worthy citizens from which we can learn. Have you ever considered the amazing attributes of their webs?

How do they attain such extraordinary anchor points and then  pull the outer strands web anchor pointstogether to produce such an intricate pattern? And of course, that pattern has a specific purpose—to capture and ensnare their next meal.  Their elaborate nets are amazing to observe and ponder.

Even though spiders are generally labeled as menacing and nasty, there are positive lessons we can learn from them.


Should we not be like these spiders weaving webs for Christ’s Kingdom on earth! Are weWeb for Christ weaving a web daily? Are we attaining extreme anchor points to attract others to Him? Our goal is not to ensnare nor trap prey to their death, but to invite and entice unsuspecting sinners into the Good News net of the Gospel where they can find new life. We position our prey not to be devoured, but consumed with the glory, grace, and salvation invitation of our Lord! Do our web designs direct them to our King?  Let’s be effective spiders and weaving winning webs for Christ!

websAsk God daily to spin your web to influence for His Kingdom. We never know how powerfully He can use our strands of His love in the space where we exist. We must be just as patient, purposeful, and extensive as a spider preparing for their prey—but rejoice because that soul was caught in the web of Christ!

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2 Responses to We Are Spiders for Christ!

  1. Sheryl says:

    Very good analogy, Marlin. God’s creation provides us so many wonderful lessons. Lots to think about! Thanks.

  2. marlinharris says:

    Sheryl: Thanks very much for your observation. Yes, I agree that God’s creation is chocked full of lessons for living for Him, especially since He Created it all. May the Lord greatly bless you! Marlin

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