Blessed are the meek.. (Part II)


Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.    (Part 2)                                                                      Matthew: 5:5 

Excerpt from Epilogue: “The Powerful Pilgrimage of a Suffering Saint”

Experience the Mirrored Mountains of Meeknessland of the beatitudes, Marlin J. Harris, Let the Beatitudes be my attitude in you

Near the center of the Land of The Beatitudes stands the Mirrored Mountains.  Meekness is acquired in the ascent to the top.  In this summit you must submit yourself ever more to Jesus so that he will be more visible in you and be clearly seen in your reflection. Following is a scene from “The Powerful Pilgrimage of a Suffering Saint”.  Just imagine that this is you making the climb instead of Wesley Baker!

mirrored mountains, Marlin. J Harris, Let the Beatitudes be my attitude in you “Wesley, you have a difficult task ahead of you,” Jesus said. “You must forget yourself—your selfish ambitions, self-seeking motives, any self centered attitude. You must learn to let self take a back seat.”

“This is what meekness means, my brother,” Jesus continued, “Meekness is all about going on, and that’s what you’re about to do for me. You are going to negotiate this slippery, mirrored mountain to its summit. This exercise will be a doubly difficult because you will see your reflection with each step. Self will be constantly looking back at you, demanding your attention and revealing your every emotion and reaction. As difficult as it will be, this climb will take you to higher heights with me. As you reach the summit, your reflection will change. Instead of your face, you will begin to see mine.”

mirrored mountain Wes was puzzled, but more than ready to begin the climb. Seeing his face at every step and turn was an uncomfortable experience, and the mountain was steeper than it had appeared below. His reflection showed his mounting fear. “My me is too big, because that’s all I’m seeing,” he thought. “Where’s Jesus in me? I don’t see him at all!”

At that precise moment, he noticed a slight flicker in the glass. Wes saw gentle eyes gazing Jesus' facelovingly back at him as he clung to the mountain face. He couldn’t look down—it was too frightening and paralyzing, but he couldn’t stop climbing—he was only halfway up. Gradually, he began to feel the ability to let himself go and let Jesus become more visible in the reflective glass. “This is what I must do to make it to the top,” he realized, thinking to himself. The kind eyes reflected back more clearly, and then a radiant smile appeared, encouraging him to press upward.

He knew his mind had to be absolutely on Christ. Only Christ could control each careful movement upward. And with each supreme effort, both physical and mental, Jesus’ face became more evident, giving to Wes the strength and determination to make it to the top. Fear was gone, replaced by the sole desire to let Christ become as much of him as possible. With one last push, Wes made it! And the face of Christ was no longer a reflection but a reality, as Jesus stood there smiling down at him.

“My Lord and my God!” Wes exclaimed, embracing his SaviorJesus hug.

“Yes, Wesley. I came to save you, which is as far as many of my followers ever decide to travel with me,” Jesus said. “I died to also be their Lord, a generous and loving Lord, to bring them into the fullness of themselves. Yet they are unwilling to make the hard climb against self that you just experienced. You now know the limiting factor of self, and you have crossed this barrier that Satan employs so insidiously among my people.”

Blessed are the meek, those possessors of gentle strength: dedicated, directed, and determined to reflect Christ here on earth. Their reward, both earthly and afterward, will be grander and richer than this world could ever know, understand, or appreciate, because they are living in heaven while on earth and experiencing God’s original desire for intimate fellowship with his most treasured creation, us.

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