Blessed are the meek….

Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.

Beatitudes -3Matthew: 5:5

Part 1

In our Beatitudes Quest we now recognize the greatness of God and who we are before Him. We have turned over to Him all the burdens weighing us down. Is there another major distraction detouring us from God?

What about the “mighty me”?
By far the most popular electronic devices in today’s society are the ipod, iphone, ipad— just visitingamazing devices designed to keep us connected to our family and friends, but in reality where do they really focus us? Whoever is holding them is generally in their “own” little world.
The first two Beatitudes have taught us that “we” are not the most important. God is much more important. This Beatitude takes us to the next level in our relationship with Him!
Living a “Turn the Cheek” Mentality
Turn the other cheekJesus tells us that “whoever slaps you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also”. (Matthew 5:39) This is not our natural reaction and what exactly does it mean? To let people brutalize us, and not put up a fight? No! Jesus is saying, whatever you are doing for the Kingdom of God—do not let yourself be detoured nor distracted from it. Keep on keeping on, regardless of what happens. This is how Jesus’ lived his thirty-three years on this earth—steadily stepping forward, strategically and daily, toward his goal of redemption for the world. Every step, every decision, every word was made within this grand, eternal, and all-inclusive goal.

To live this way we must keep our “me” in check. We have to put him or her in the backGod over the meek seat and not let it drive our emotions! That’s not easy. Don’t let your “me” deny you from achieving His purpose in your life. Meekness is “gentle strength” and Christ must be in charge for this to happen. It is more of him, and less of “me” living.

Who was the meekest man who ever lived? 

MosesMoses. (Numbers 12:3) Many would not think of Moses as meek since he led the Israelites across the desert for 40 years to the Promised Land  But in reality, Moses, put his “self” away and let God do all the leading. 


Moses’ life illustrates how meekness makes a life effective for the Lord. This selfless servant of God most likely experienced more face-to-face conversations with the Lord than any other Biblical character other than his own son, Jesus. Their dialogues were sincere, honest, and heart-to heart “as a man speaks to a friend.” (Exodus 33:11)  Moses’ meekness enabled the young nation of Israel to arrive at their Promised Land, their inheritance. Meekness will always produce an inheritance.

 Moses music video

Like Moses, we must daily seek God to direct and oversee our duties, and guide every planned and spontaneous interaction. We must acquire “the mindset of meekness” which is the crucifixion of our prideful nature. Our world is to revolve around Christ, not us. Any me-first attitude must become me-after God as we permit him to come fully to life within us.

Such an orientation will lead us in only one direction and the right one— toward God’s will for our lifBeatitudes stairwaye, steadily centered on God, reveling in his blessings to anticipate the day he will say to us, “Well done, my good, faithful [and meek] servant. Enter into the kingdom of your Lord” (Matthew 25:21). Our footsteps must imitate the pattern of Jesus’, meekly moving steadily forward to accomplish God’s mission for our life.

Be not consumed with self and be filled daily with the gentle spirit,

strength, and direction of Jesus Christ in your dealings and confrontations

in life, and you will be conquerors of this world

Part 2 later this week

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3 Responses to Blessed are the meek….

  1. Cynthia Ferguson says:

    Your explanations are right on! I really enjoyed your thought provoking ideas about Moses being meek. Hope your book is a wonderful success! I learn something every time I read excerpts.

    • marlinharris says:

      Thank you for your encouraging words! There’s Part II on Meekness coming up on Friday and I hope that you enjoy it also. We are all always learning and leaning on Our Great Lord–He is the fount of everything for us! Marlin

  2. I am so thankful to God for introducing us. Your insight is an encouragement to me and your book is a wonderful resource to have. God bless you and may He shower you with His favor.

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