The Beatitudes in Songs

When one reads “Let the Beatitudes BE My Attitude in You” the preponderance of song lyrics will certainly grab your attention!  Why and how did this happen? 

When we returned home from the mission field my Christian music landscape was fairly barren, other than traditional hymns and well known praise choruses.  This abruptly changed one year when I accompanied my teenage children to the Smokey Mountain Scott Dawson Evangelism Conference our church youth group attended each year. 

I’ll never forget walking into that first session; jam packed with thousands of young people in fervent song and movement as Charlie Hall, worship leader, was performing his then hit song, “Marvelous Light”. 

Music mightily moves the soul—and that’s what this music did to mine! Afterwards I saught out songs by Charlie Hall, and other contemporary artists like Casting Crowns and Kutless. Such a great legacy of incredible songwriters exists in today’s Christian music.

While writing this book certain lyrics exploded upon my mind that embellished and complemented the messages just written.  For example, when describing how the Beatitudes will elevate us to an almost heavenly existence here on earth Charlie Hall’s “New Year” jumped forth from my memory, “I’m held in a place, a beautiful space, where heaven meets the earth.”  That is so true!  The Beatitudes are exactly where heaven meets the earth. “My heart opens wide, and the Father pours life, deep inside my soul!”  And this is what they yearn to do for every believer. How could I not include this message in the book?

Such merging of message and lyrics became frequent in the writing process. Then after the manuscript was finished in March, 2012, new albums by Casting Crowns (The Well) and Kutless (Believer) were released. As I listened to these songs undeniable urgings again linked many to Beatitudes messages again!  In the end—28 songs are intertwined into this work!

The song lyrics add richness to this book. I strongly believe that God inspired this because certain lyrics will captivate specific readers. And two significant musical message challenges await readers at the end of the book. 

Below are illustrations of how these lyrics convey the power of the Beatitudes —in song!

 The Poor in Spirit must:

Grasp the grandeur of God…

Open up my eyes to see all of you, your mysteries.

I hold my breath; you hold my hand, as Heaven melts the heart of man.

How amazed I am!

Your glory fills the sky, a great and holy light. Shining like a million stars. I’m amazed by who you are!                                                                                 —Kutless, “Amazed”

 Recognize our nothingness…

I love this world more than I should. It all falls short of what you’re worth.

How could I think I own my life, when really you’re the one that paid the price?

I wanna give you every breath, every treasure that I hold.

Oh Lord, I give you everything. 

It’s all yours anyway. You gave me life to give it away. It’s all yours anyway.

With blood you bought my broken heart. So here I am, take everything.

It’s all yours anyway. You turned my heart around . . . .          

—Kutless, “All Yours”

             Humble ourselves before God…

’Cause I find myself empty and face down, having nothing else to cling to, but in need of love that only you can give.

Face down, where I know I belong. And I pray with grace that this world sees in me someone humbled and broken at your feet..            

—Casting Crowns, “Face Down

            In Christ our past is past…

Wash me clean in your great love and in your mercy.

Make me clean just like the snow—pure and white.

I have trampled on your grace in my folly.

Place your Hand upon my heart and make it right.

I’m turning around. I’m turning around. I’m turning around.

Yesterday is gone and you’ve forgiven all my wrongs. You fill my heart with song. Yesterday is gone.                                                    

—Charlie Hall, “Yesterday is Gone”

           We are renewed in Him…

I was thirsty land, and you were like rain for me.

I was drowning then, and youwere a breath for me.

Dead here inside, you put your life in me.

When I was blind you gave me eyes to see.

You were sight to me. You make my heart alive.

You tear down the walls and move inside.

You bring my heart to life. You are alive and you are life.

—Charlie Hall, “Make Me Alive”


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