“And the day of one’s death is better than the day of one’s birth.”
Ecclesiastes 7:10

Jesus awaits us in Heaven

Every believer in Christ is Divinely assured of a reservation and residence in Heaven. This marvelous promise is the result of the most important decision we make in life—to accept Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord. But a deeper question we should ponder is, “How well prepared are we for ‘after-life living’?” It won’t be anything like where we now reside.

IMAGINE: Beauty beyond all human comprehension and Celestial Citydimension
A place of perfection, holiness, and peace
A kingdom centered totally on God and Christ
An eternal pastime adoring Our God
Reuniting with beloved “saints” from our earthly life
Encounters with those who you helped guide to Heaven
No ending, ever, ever, never!

And there much more to Heaven than even all this. Every aspect of Heaven is diametrically opposed to life on earth. When we leave this life, how prepared will we be for Heavenly citizenship? How much adapting will be necessary? Just “being” a believer does not fully equip us for Heaven!Heaven-Streets of gold

Christ left effective instructions to alter us for the gigantic change of Celestial Living—they are The Beatitudes. They not only make us the “who” we were meant to be, enable us to live as Jesus did upon this earth, but will “elevate” us for eternal existence in Heaven:

• No spiritual pride will contaminate us—we are impoverished saints “purchased” by Christ. Our only desire is to “show off” His cross.
• No burdens will drag us down—we have released all our mournings to our whole new Morning, and He is carrying them for us.
• No “self” is stealing our attention —Christ beams through us like a headlight to others
• We are well nourished “specimens” of Heavenly Knowledge from His mighty Word.
• Mercy empowers our mentality, Grace and forgiveness are our creed.
• Our hearts are pure and transparent before God and man.
• His peace pushes us in this world, and as we branch out from the Vine to bring others into His Kingdom
• We are prepared to suffer persecution, facing up to evil for our Lord.

As you complete the Beatitudes Quest, not only has your heart, soul, and mind been transformed, your impact for Christ has been magnified in this world. You now anxiously await Heavenly living. Not much change will be required of you from this world to the next. Although we will be changed “in the twinkling of an eye” your Heavenly mindset has already been established on earth!
“Precious in the sight of God is the death of one of His godly ones.”

Ecclesiastes 9:10

Light to Heaven

My spiritual pride is now crucified,
I’m totally immersed in the Creator of this universe.
Lord, my burdens I release to You,
to carry them all and see me through.
My devotion to self is now on the back seat,
You drive me, Lord, my life is Your treat.
I want to know You as never before—
as my King, My Lord, and life’s open Door.
Mercy reigns in me through your incomparable grace,
may others in me see only Your face.
Purge my heart and keep me pure.
Direct me to others to offer Your only Cure.
Help me promote Your peace on this earth,
A difference maker bringing others Your second birth.
And when persecution raises its dark, ugly head,
Lord, I’m living in You, I’ll never be dead!
Just welcomed into Heaven from this world of strife,
where Jesus will reveal His beautiful tapestry of my life.

Jesus welcomes us to heaven

Listen to this amazing Heavenly Homecoming song by Casting Crowns, “Already There”

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