Jesus Lived the Beatitudes on Earth

Beatitudes -3 Jesus was the great “I AM” and CenterPeace of every Beatitude and while on earth He lived out each one to its fullest extent.  He left us the Beatitudes so we can live as He did upon this earth!  

The poor in spirit  Our Lord, Jesus Christ, stepped out of eternity, His heavenly home, and Celestial Kingdom to become mere mortal for us.  He relinquished all His rightful riches to become totally destitute for us.  His poverty bought us eternal life.

Jesus wept-1

Those who mourn   Our Savior poured out compassion on every person who crossed His path. He released His incomparable consolation upon them and assumed the weight of their burdens.  “He wept” with Mary and Martha for Lazarus, even though He knew His friend was about to “awake”. Jesus was spiritually sensitive to all suffering surrounding Him. He empowers us to do the same.

The meek   Jesus’ pilgrimage on earth was not at all about Him.  “My food and drink is to do the will of my Father.”  Jesus constantly “turned His cheek” to never be distracted from The Perfect Plan.  In the garden Jesus submitted His will wholly to the Father. “Not my will, but Thine be done.” Jesus’ meekness brought glory to God and an eternal inheritance to us.  Our meekness will usher many into His kingdom.

Those who hunger and thirst after righteousness   Jesus is the Bread of Life.  He fed the Word daily to His disciples and the multitudes that followed Him.  Jesus dispensed heavenly wisdom wherever He went.  Our obedience in love defines who we are and declares His Message to others.

Adulterous woman

The merciful   Jesus was mercy incarnate, incredibly redeeming lives of the lost—the adulterous woman about to be stoned, the lepers exiled from humanity, and Peter after denying His Lord. In the midst of His merciless execution Jesus’s mercy exploded, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do!”  His mercy floods through us and rules our relationships—just as Jesus lived on earth.

The pure in heart   Jesus’ power was purity and the transparency of an open and inviting Heart.  Jesus was precisely the Person people saw.  He perceived the heart of each onlooker and loved them all the way.  Jesus, intimately connected with His Father,  saw the world through His Father’s eyes.  We are to live in a single and transparent heartbeat with Our Savior and Lord.

Jesus baptized

The peacemakers   Jesus as a peacemaker broke all the norms of His day, whether conversing with the Samaritan women at the well or extending forgiveness to the repentant thief on the cross beside Him.  Jesus perpetually reached out to reconcile others to Him and they now surround Him in heaven.  His Spirit launches us into peacemaking missions every single day.

Those persecuted for righteousness sake   Jesus’ persecution permeated every plane of His existence: betrayed by His very own, attacked with unjust accusations, lashed as a common criminal, pierced with thorns, punctured with spikes and a spear, parched with thirst, racked with pain, ranted by Satan, and abandoned by His Father.  Yet He endured it all to secure our salvation.  Persecution cannot detour nor defraud us, as His followers—it is the evil we must bear for eternal purposes, just as did He!

 _64857147_jesus-(ferdinand-kingsley)-On the cross every Beatitude was personified in Christ

His human poverty emptied out in blood, His mourning was multiplied, His meekness was magnified, the Bread of Heaven was broken, His mercy reigned, His pure heart absorbed the evilness of our sin, He made Peace between God and man, and He was persecuted for our un-righteousness.

 The Beatitudes empower us to live as Jesus did upon the earth and to faithfully to follow His example.  He is our reason for living and we must let Him live fully in us and allow Him to make us the who He created us to be.

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  1. marlinharris says:

    Here’s the You Tube link to view the Atlanta Live interview on February 1st with Tanya & Rick Curren about the Beatitudes book. They were fantastic hosts–hope you enjoy watching it!

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