Jesus is the CenterPeace of the Beatitudes

JESUS is theCenter Peace-2

of the


I am- 2 reveals the central essence of any being.  Jesus proclaimed incredibly powerful and promise filled  “I AM” statements while here on earth.  They reveal the myriad of life changing miracles He seeks to instill in our lives.  Jesus is the “I AM” of each Beatitude, empowering each one to become real in us.

hands, cross, Holy SpiritBlessed are the poor in spiritWe are merely destitute spiritual beggars before our majestic and perfect God.  Jesus offers His cross to each of us to claim and carry.  I AM  the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and no one comes to the Father except through Me.  Take up the cross of Christ. It is our lone spiritual asset and the only True passageWay into Life in the Beatitudes.

Blessed are those who mourn…Life on earth is draped with heavyspring water burdens that weaken and weary, leaving us parched and paralyzed.  Jesus declares, “I AM” rivers of living water for all who thirst, and whoever drinks of Me will never thirst again.  Jesus is the everlasting spring of comfort and consolation welling up in us.  He yearns to carry our burdens and refresh us with continually replenishing peace and consolation.

Jesus is the truthBlessed are the meek… Our “self” seeks to deceive and defraud us of our true spiritual inheritance.  “I AM” the truth and the truth shall set you free—free from our selfish “self” to let Jesus  grow within and glow through us for the entire world to see. Jesus becomes the mighty ME in our meekness and me-less-ness.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after Jeus breadrighteousness… Our insatiable appetite to know God is abundantly satisfied in Christ.  “I AM”the bread of life come down from heaven and all who partake of Him will never falter for filling from His Word.

resurrectionBlessed are the merciful… God’s mercy allows us to be remade. “I AM” the resurrection and the life and whoever believes in Me shall never die. Mercy gives grace, crucifies our past, sparks a new eternity, and fills us with passion to forgive as Christ to all in our path.

Blessed are the pure in heart… A pure heart stands stark-consuming firenaked before God. “I AM” the light of the world, and when Jesus directs His holy light into the entrails of our open hearts, all sin is revealed and any spiritual interference cries out to be eliminated—WHEN, we let Him cleanse us before God and before our fellow man.  Pure relationships  display a dazzling witness on earth for Him.

fruitBlessed are the peacemakers… When mercy and purity generate all our actions and reactions His peace reaches through us to others.  “I AM” the vine and you are the branches, without Me you can do nothing.  Jesus empowered peacemaking produces branches heavy laden with fruit for His kingdom.

Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake… Effective peacemaking produces persecution.  “I AM” life, and you will never die. Jesus promises to a life totally surrendered to Him.  We are the headlights of His light in this obscure and wayward world.  His light within is our consuming fire.  The persecuted attract attention as Satan attempts to extinguish our Light, but these efforts are futile because our Light is lit for eternity.

light of the world

 The Beatitudes unleash Jesus’ great “I am’s” in us. “He is”—we aren’t. He will bless and use us in wondrous ways we can never imagine.  Let the Beatitudes BE in you. Take up the Beatitudes Quest today. Come BE totally with Him!accross the bridge

Listen to “Center”, by Charlie Hall–it is this message in song.

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