God Can Use Anybody

At the Cross

At the Cross our origin counts for nothing.

The past is in the past with a heavenly future to begin.

What better life awaits than allowing God to make you the “who” He created you to be?

Jesus is now the centerpiece of your life.

Taking you to where you were meant to be!

Faithful Jesus, Healing Savior, Compass, Center, Bread of Life.

Faithful Jesus, Cherished Treasure, Our Portion, Wisdom, God’s Great Light!

From “Center“, by Charlie Hall

God specializes in using “nobodies” to become great “somebodies” for him!

One of the Bible’s greatest nobodies was the shepherd boy, David.David vs Goliath His primary possession was a heart tender toward God. David’s relationship with God dawned on the hill country terrain watching, not only his father’s flocks, but gazing in wonder at the night sky of creation and letting God’s grandeur seep into him. God was David’s protector as he defended his sheep from nature’s fiercest predators and fell the giant Goliath.  God grew David’s innocent heart and exuberant soul into a great warrior, writer of powerful psalms, and the mightiest king of His chosen people.

Peter was a mere fisherman, toiling on the Sea of Galilee, when JesusJesus rescues Peter invaded his world with an invitation to become a “fisher of men” and walk with Him.  Peter was impulsive—always ready to act, to speak out, to set an example.  He dared step out onto the treacherous sea to approach his Lord. He was the first to acknowledge Jesus as the Christ, the Son of the Living God. Yet Peter was sometimes his own worst enemy: dismissing his Lord’s prophesy of His imminent suffering and death, refusing Jesus’ initial attempt to wash his feet, and denying his Savior three times after swearing he would die for Him. But in the end, Christ’s mercy made Peter “the rock” and a dynamic  disciple and world changer of his day.

But sometimes God makes “somebodies” into nobodies for His Purposes.

The paramount example is Our Lord Jesus Christ, who was One with God, the Prince of Heaven, stepping out of eternity to become a minute human being limited by space and time. On earth Jesus experienced our every emotion, temptation, frustration, and pain. If anyone became a nobody compared to His previous state, it was Our Lord Jesus Christ. And His Father, from whom Jesus drew His daily sustenance, had to turn His back to His Own Son at the very moment He needed Him most! Jesus on the crossWhen our sins were place upon Jesus His Holy Father had to depart from Him because He could have nothing to do with sin. Jesus and His Father both went to the extreme extreme for each of us!

Moses began as a nobody hidden in the reeds of the Nile. Then he became a somebody “son of Pharaoh” living in the epicenter of the world of that day. Yet Moses forsook his royal rights to identify with his own Hebrew people and was exiled to the dessert where he shepherded the flocks of Jethro. Then God made Moses a nobody from a somebody to prepare him to rescue His people from savage slavery and guide a stiff-necked nation to the Promised Land. Moses permitted no distractions to detour him from God’s great plan—his humble determination allowed God to function fully in him. Through Moses God generated a possibility for many generations to come.

So, whether a nobody or a somebody, God wants to accomplish His Will through you!

As a nobody, never sell yourself short to God’s great plan.

As a somebody, never say no, whether it is a move up or down.

Place one step steadily in front of the other, and see what God will do.

Because He precisely orders the footsteps of His followers, every me and you!

See how the meekness of Moses made him a grand instrument of God!

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