Let the Beatitudes Be My Attitude in YOU … Begin the Quest

Let the Beatitudes be my attitude in your, beatitudes, Marlin HarrisLet the Beatitudes Be My Attitude in You is about allowing God to become a greater part of who you are and how to live as Jesus did upon this earth!  Each Beatitude will require you to surrender a piece of your heart to God.  These powerful spiritual principles empower us to become the “who” God created us to be. We must not pass them by!

This book shares a “life-centered” perspective about how the Beatitudes will bless every believer, beautify them before God, and reveal a heavenly treasure trove of unimaginable spiritual riches.

The Pilgrimage to WestBow Press

Most of us have developed a “bucket list” of special things we wish to accomplish in life. tractor, Marlin J. Harris, Let the Beatitudes be my attitude in youLong ago I noted the desire to write a book; however, I never found time to begin, nor had any specific subject in mind.  Then, unexpectedly, while on my tractor cutting a hay field, as I had just finished reciting the Beatitudes a profound thought swept across my mind, “why not let the Beatitudes be My attitude in you?”  “Wow,” I thought, “having an attitude like that would make a tremendous difference in any believer’s life!  And, then, what a great title for a book!”  In the Preface of the book I share how God led that inspiration to become this reality.

twins, Marlin J. Harris, Let the Beatitudes be my attitude in you

Kate & Marlin with their twin boys

In life it is sometimes difficult to understand exactly where God is leading us.  Now, on “this side” of the writing experience, I can look back and see how, unbeknownst to me, He had long been preparing me to author this book. Writing had been infused in my blood and creativity in my genes.  My mother was a professional journalist and my father an electrical engineer and prolific inventor.

Professionally, God also had steered me into three distinct careers to prepare me as a writer.  As a healthcare administrator for 20 years, God taught me to see the “big picture” that is so important in planning and visualizing the “end result”. Also critical is effective communication with all types of people.  In 15 years of foreign missionary service, God assumed an even more integral part of my life as my treasured and daily Confidant, Friend and Guide.   He was always there right beside me when crises reared their ugly heads attempting to avert or deter our hospital ministry.  Yet his victorious always prevailed!Centro Médico Bautista, missionary, Marlin J. Harris, Let the beatitudes be my attitude in you

Dependence on Our Lord quickly became a daily addiction from which I will never let go, especially in this adventure to become an author for him.  In my third career as an educator of 12 years the daily challenge is to engage your students with your passion—for me with the beautiful language of Spanish. In just this way every author seeks to engage and involve their readers through their written word.

Through these weekly Beatitudes Blogs my prayer is that Our Lord will draw you to explore His Beatitudes on the personal plane of your life and to discover the “who” he created you to be.   It is a life changing quest—Take it up today!

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